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The Fourth Meeting - Lawton Hall

The fourth meeting of the Lodge was held in the drawing room of Lawton Hall, near Crewe, Cheshire on Saturday 11 May 1912; formerly a private house, the Hall was now a Hotel. Apparently, Charles II was concealed for some time in the Hall during which period he stood sponsor at the baptism of his host’s eldest son, born in 1656, the King marking the occasion by presenting his godson with an exquisite cup. Subsequently he presented the family with a portrait of himself painted by Sir Peter Lely which was still hanging in the dining room during the Lodge’s visit. Brethren, their ladies and guests stayed at the hotel for the weekend.

A Dispensation was granted by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Cheshire, Lord Egerton, to hold the meeting at which there were 35 members and 27 visitors. Following the minutes, a ballot for the 45 Brethren proposed at the previous meeting was taken which proved unanimous. Due to the illness of the W.M. W. Bro. A.E. Coveney, W. Bro. A.J. Shelley-Thompson took the Chair. A Master for the ensuing year was then elected (W. Bro. C.E. Keyser, P.G.D.), a Treasurer (W. Bro. H. Keays Bentley, M.D., P.P.G.S.) and a Tyler (W. Bro. John Scott, P.P.G.S.W.).

The thanks of the Lodge were tendered to The Worshipful Master and Brethren of the St. Thomas’s Lodge (1914), Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, for their kindness in allowing their lodge furniture to be used by the Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple (3464). The Very Worshipful Bro. The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Chichester, the Junior Warden, then thanked the Rev. S. Nunn, M.A., Rector of Lawton, for kindly allowing a special Masonic Service to be held at Lawton Parish Church on the Sunday afternoon (12 May at 2.30 pm) at which the Brethren, their ladies and visitors attended. He also expressed thanks to the Reverend C.A. Griffin, Vicar of Dunham-on-the-Hill and the Reverend S. Gasking, P.P.G.Chaplain for officiating.

The Lodge was opened in the Second Degree, and then in the Third Degree whereupon a Memorial Service was held for:

‘ … those Brethren, and others, who lost their lives so nobly by the accident to, and loss of, the great steamship “Titanic” in the North Atlantic Ocean. A collection was made in aid of those families left in distress, and which amounted to four guineas, and this was donated to the Fund raised by R.W. Bro. The Right Hon. the Earl of Derby, Lord Mayor of Liverpool’.

The following 2 Honorary Members were then proposed:

The Right Honourable Field-Marshal Viscount Kitchener, K.P., P.G.W., Past District Grand Master of Egypt and the Sudan.
The Right Honourable The Earl of Dartmouth, Provincial Grand Master of Staffordshire.

The following 17 Brethren were then proposed as Joining Members:

Bro. Isidore Schwiller, (Musician)
W. Bro. Mark Oliver, (Gentleman)
W. Bro. James Rountree (Solicitor) P.M., Lodge 51, Irish Constitution
Bro. George Marriott Edgar, (Artiste)
W. Bro. Thomas Cox
Bro. Edward McMullen Ford, (Artiste)
Bro. Harry Claff, (Artiste)
Bro. Samuel George Rodley Lyon
Bro. E. Sims Hilditch, (Professor of Music)
Bro. James Crockett Shupplebotham [sic], (Artiste)
W. Bro. Frank James Lunnon, P.G.Organist
Bro. Frederick Brereton, (Artiste)
Bro. James Mills
Bro. Thomas Alfred Williams
Bro. C. Shayler (Manager)
Bro. Charles Bedworth, (Gentleman)
W. Bro. Sir Thomas Robinson, Dublin – Irish Constitution

At the banquet which followed the meeting, wine from the grapes of Palestine, presented by W. Bro. Keyser, was served, and with it was drunk in solemn silence a toast to the memory of King Solomon.

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