With the formation of a ‘Daughter Lodge’ in 1924, much of the mystique and romanticism of the Lodge (3464) ever moving to Jerusalem was lost. However, even in 1925 (15 years after the Consecration, 18 new joining members were proposed.


Annual Subscription was 12/6 (62½p)


Annual Subscription was 15/- (75p)



In October 1935, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Lodge, W. Bro. F.F. Potter, P.P.G.D., produced a history of the Lodge entitled The Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple No. 3464, 1910-1935: A Brief History. A copy is in the Lodge Archives.


The War was starting to have an effect – at the September Meeting only 13 members were present and no visitors (this was the first time in 30 years that there were no visitors present).


Because of the War, the summons was typed on an A4 sheet of paper and food rationing meant that the Festive Board was held at various restaurants in Chester i.e. Bollands Ltd, The Old Nags Head Hotel (1943) and The Queens Hotel (1945).


When the King died on 6 February, the Lodge Summons was edged in black and Grand Lodge announced that Masonic Mourning was to be observed until 31 May (over 3 months).



As a result of damage to the Masonic Hall in Hunter Street caused by enemy action during World War II temporary repairs were carried out. It was evident, however, that in due time a more permanent restoration would be necessary. In addition to the repairs and re-decoration it was felt that something more vivid and living should be introduced, hence the commissioning of nine murals. They were designed to illustrate the ‘Story and Origin of the Craft’ as described in the Ritual, covering a period of about 1000 years; and constantly to remind us all of the relationship between the Craft Ritual and the Volume of the Sacred Law. Generally speaking the events depicted on the murals are arranged in chronological order and comprise:

Hunter St LOdge room 1956

The crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites
Moses leading the Israelites to the Promised Land
Preparation of stone for building King Solomon’s Temple
The building of King Solomon’s Temple
Derivation of Pass Words leading to Superior Degrees
King Solomon approaching the completed Temple
A scribe reading the Scriptures to the populace
Vessels used in the Temple
Completion of Craft Masonry – Depicts Jewish prisoners permitted to return to Jerusalem

In 1995, when Hunter St. Masonic Hall was vacated, the murals were removed and re-installed in the new main Temple at Cheshire View, Christleton.


A Regular Meeting was held at 6.00 pm on Wednesday 23 September 1964 at Hunter St. when 20 Members and 15 Brethren were present. It would appear that this was the first time that a rehearsal was arranged prior to the meeting – in this case at The Earl of Crewe Hotel at 6.30 pm on Monday 21 September.


At the request of the W.M. of the Kilimanjaro Lodge (5111) Bro. Norman Hill was raised to the Third Degree. W. Bro. A.B. Parton was elected Master for the ensuing year and he later proposed his son, John who was to become the first Initiate of the Lodge.


John Parton became the first Initiate of the Lodge – so ended 60 years of the Lodge being a Master Masons Lodge.


HENRY JONES (later known as HENRY PARSONS-JONES) was born in Salford on 7 March 1924 and played as goalkeeper for Lancashire Schoolboys. He left school at the age of 14 and became an apprentice electrical engineer, gaining a City and Guilds at Salford Technical College. In December 1941, aged 17, he was called up to the Royal Navy and was sent on a 5-week course on minesweeping for magnetic and acoustic mines. Following an initial period of mine-sweeping from Grimsby to Sheringham he progressed to H.M.S. Lacennia (FY 712), a former Fleetwood trawler, sweeping from Scotland to Iceland, Archangel and Murmansk ahead of convoys. It was during this period that he was awarded the D.S.M. (Distinguished Service Medal – only granted for ‘acts of gallantry during enemy action’) and was commissioned to Acting Sub-Lieutenant. Whilst sweeping off Lowestoft in 1945 his ship was attacked by Messerschmitt 109s and he was riddled with shrapnel requiring 3 weeks of hospital treatment.

Henry Jones During WW11

On being demobbed in 1946 he turned professional and played for Salford Rugby League Club until 1954. In 1957 he became the Licensee of the Swan Hotel, Crewe and joined Justice Lodge (4763) in 1961, becoming Master in 1973. He joined the Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple (3464) in 1971 and was Master in both 1983 and 2003, receiving Provincial Honours (P.P.A.G.D.C.) in 1985 in which year he retired. Soon after his retirement he moved to Leicestershire and joined Ferrers and Ivanhoe Lodge (779) and in 2003 he was
appointed to the Leicestershire and Rutland Masonic Charity Association. For his work on this Committee he has received Provincial Honours in the Leicestershire and Rutland Province.

Although he now lives some considerable distance from Christleton, he is one of the most regular of members and has introduced a number of Leicestershire Masons into the Lodge. Henry can always be relied upon to bring some humour into Masonry and is certainly one of our most colourful characters.


Annual Subscription was £14


Thomas Ian Cranston elected a Joining Member:

THOMAS IAN CRANSTON served his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker before doing his National Service in the Royal Air Force Police where he served for 2 years in Northern Ireland. On leaving the forces he went into shop management prior to entering the Licensed Victuallers’ trade in 1966; remaining there until his retirement in 1995. The progress in his Masonic career, which has surpassed any other Joining Member, began when he was initiated into Froda Lodge (4942) in 1973. He became a Joining Member of the Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple in 1983, Worshipful Master in 1988 and was Charity Representative for 10 years. In 1994 he joined Gayton Lodge (8640), and in 2002 the Lodge of Gratitude (6329). Apart from his Craft Lodges he is also in St. Oswald’s Chapter (2992), Froda Chapter (4942), Cheshire Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter (3449), Mark Master Masons (Birkenhead Lodge 1072), Royal Ark Mariners (Birkenhead Lodge 1073), Rose Croix Chapter (St. Plegmund of Plemstall Chapter 990 and Toft Chapter 897), Provincial Priory of Cheshire (De L’Isle Adam 234) and Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests (Tabernacle of Melchisedec 14 and Tabernacle of Chester Cross 152).

V.W. Bro. Ian Cranston wearing the Apron of S.G.D.

In all these Orders his Masonic work has been recognised with innumerable appointments and promotions; his Craft honours alone include P.P.A.G.D.C. (1988), Prov.G.D.C. (2001-2005), P.A.G.D.C. (2000), A.P.G.M. (2006) and subsequently he was appointed Acting S.G.D. of the United Grand Lodge of England. In 2009 he was appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Cheshire. Because of his heavy Masonic commitments and as a mark of respect for his achievements he was made an Honorary Member of the Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple (3464) in 2007.


29 NOVEMBER 1995.

In recent years the effects of pedestrianisation, lack of parking facilities and the rapidly deteriorating condition of the fabric of the building of the Masonic Hall in Hunter St. meant that drastic decisions would soon need to be taken. These problems were exacerbated when the whole area surrounding the site was designated for redevelopment. An offer for the Hall and land was received from Scottish Widows in November 1994 and a decision to sell the property and purchase the land and buildings known as Christleton Country Club was taken. The beautiful stained glass windows, hand painted murals and star-encrusted ceiling of Hunter St. were all incorporated into the design and construction of the new building. At the dedication ceremony, presided over by R.W. Bro. Rev. Canon W. Stanley Walker, Provincial Grand Master, 11 Members of the Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple (3464) were present – the Master and Secretary by invitation and the other Brethren by ballot.

Members – from the left,
Back Row W. Bros. N. Wakefield, K. Burgess, M.P. Gartland, E.G. Pointon, A.E. Clarke; Front Row W. Bros. D. Kinsey, M.R. Evans, E. Owen, A.T. Blackshaw, N.G. Wootton, N.W. Hooker)

Lodge brethren at dedication ceremony 1995

CENTENARY 1910-2010

In March 2003, the Charity Steward, W. Bro. John Clewlow, decided to start a Centenary Fund. A few brethren gave him donations and he was able to open an account with £100 at the Britannia Building Society. The lodge had not normally held raffles but because it only met 3 times per year and it was also contributing on a regular basis towards the 2005 Festival for the ‘Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys’, it was felt that raffles were the best option. These proved very successful and about £7000 was raised for the Centenary as well as the lodge gaining Grand Patron status for the Festival, missing out on Presidential Grand Patron by £9 per member! Incidentally, the lodge secured Presidential Grand Patronage in the 2016 Festival for the ‘Masonic Samaritan Fund’.

About 18 months before the Centenary a Centenary Committee was formed comprising of W. Bro. M.P. Gartland, W. Bro. S.T. Hicks, W. Bro. D. Elliott, W. Bro. J. Clewlow, W. Bro. S.J. Palfreyman, W. Bro. R.E. Sherwin and W. Bro. K. Burgess. As W. Bro. Gartland was the ‘Father of the Lodge’ at that time it was agreed that he should be the Master during the centenary year – unfortunately, he died during his year of office.

In 2006, four years before the Centenary, W. Bro. John Clewlow began the task of writing the lodge history; this culminated in a 263 page hardbound volume. The cost of printing and binding 180 copies was £2,200, most of which was offset by some 20 sponsors.

Before an official centenary could be arranged it was necessary to prove that a full set of lodge minutes was held, followed by the purchase of a ‘Centenary Warrant’ from Grand Lodge at a cost of £493.50.

Centenary Jewels were ordered and bought individually by the members.

The date of the Consecration was 19/10/1910 and with great difficulty, W. Bro. David Elliott managed to arrange the Centenary Ceremony for 20/10/2010. In addition, David organised a superb Festive Board [see Menu] including wine plus a complimentary Centenary Book for all the attendees for £20 per head.

Centenary Menu

Homemade Tomato and Basil Soup; Slow roasted Lamb Shank in a minted red wine jus served on a bed of mash and accompanied by a selection of Seasonal Vegetables and roasted potatoes; Freshly prepared Peach Melba and Cheshire Farms Ice Cream; Freshly brewed Tea/Coffee with Chocolate Mint Crisps; Wines to accompany the meal; White, Cape Promise Colombard Chenin (South Africa); Red, Moondarra Shiraz (Australia)

The Centenary was attended by a total of 155 Freemasons. The Provincial Grand Master, Rt. W.Bro. Steven Adcott had recently been installed and he was present together with 24 members of his ‘Provincial Team’. Rt. W. Bro. Timothy Richards, the Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master, was also present with members of his ‘Provincial Team’. During the ceremony, W. Bro. Clewlow was invited to give a brief history of the lodge after which he presented copies of the history to the Provincial Grand Master, Deputy Provincial Grand Master (V. W. Bro. T.I. Cranston) and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master with responsibility for our Area (W. Bro. J.M. McGarva).

The Provincial Grand Master thanked the lodge for its hundred years of service and said he would like to honour the lodge in some way but as that was difficult he said he had chosen one member for promotion. He then asked the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies (W. Bro. M.R. Barlow) to escort W. Bro. Clewlow to the pedestal and promoted him to Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works.

Before the ceremony closed, the lodge Charity Steward, W. Bro. Clewlow, presented the Provincial Grand Master with a cheque for £3464.00 (the lodge number) for the recently announced 2016 Festival for the Masonic Samaritan Fund.

Soon after the Centenary, the lodge was approached by United Grand Lodge with a view to using some of the lodge archives in an exhibition it was mounting entitled ‘Building Solomon’s Temple’. Many of the archives were displayed together in a glass case and copies of the signed photographs of the two American Presidents (William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt) were used in the next exhibition on ‘Freemasonry in American Society’.

The Patriot Mason, Freemasonry in American Society - The Library and Museum of Freemasonry, London
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